Deanna Bittker Artist​

Painter and Photographer in New York, NY

Deanna Bittker works as an expressive abstract oil painter, photographer, and jewelry maker. Her plethora of works in painting and photography commonly focus on geometric shapes and natural lighting. She has exhibited her love for lines and colors through her abstract oil paintings and flower photography.


As an artist in New York, NY, she enjoys bringing her creativity to life. To do this, she draws inspiration from the world around her, especially nature. This is why she enjoys using flowers as subjects when she takes pictures and paints. Some of her flowery art pieces are even up for sale. There are so many ways to capture them, including in and outside of vases. Deanna even takes photos of them against a black or white background to highlight the contrast of the flowers’ color with their surroundings. She hopes to find many other ways to use flowers and other objects as subjects in her works.

She is also an explorer of the world, as much seen on her photography of the Salton Sea, while creatively telling a story about its facing crisis.

Deanna Bittker